The story behind the recordbutler

Hi. My name is Marko and here you me see doing what I like best – Listening to fantastic music on my vinyl records. I have been passionately collecting “Black Gold” since I was fourteen.

But a few years ago I noticed that many of my records were quite dirty. Fingerprints and dust everywhere! I thought my vinyl had always been treated with extreme care.

As an engineer and record lover, this topic did not simply vanish from my mind – after all, my records should be absolutely clean. And so, I developed a real alternative to the usual methods of handling and cleaning records.

The result of endless research into materials, production technique, reviews, and construction drafts, is the Record Butler. I am convinced that this innovative tool will help you improve your record keeping. This useful helper is equipped with a special anti-static, dust-attracting cloth, that effectively prevents fingerprints and reliably rids your records from dust and other contaminants.

In this video you will learn everything about the Record Butler!

Just scroll down for further information.

And this is how you can treat your black gold better than ever before

Pick up the record butler, grab the record together with the inside cover.

Now simply pull the cover away from the record.

You’ll keep your vinyl safe, clean and prevent contact with your hand.

You can free your records from dusk like this

The record can now be easily set down with just one hand.

To thoroughly remove dust from the record, turn the record player on and with light pressure, guide the Record Butler with the coated side down from the inside of the record to the outside.

Just shake the Record Butler to get rid of the collected dust..

Time for the perfect listening experience!

The record butler is a useful tool for every vinyl record lover

Use the Record Butler to turn the record.

And or to place it safely and cleanly back into the inside cover.

Your useful assistant can be easily stored with your record collection, so it’s always close by.

The Record Butler is available in various designs and is manufactured under the right conditions in Germany.

You are a record collector and would like to buy the record butler?

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The Record Butler should become available in all well-stocked record shops on- and offline. You want your favorite record dealer to sell the Record Butler?
Just tell him about it!

Want to have a record butler with a custom print?

You own a record store, label, hifi business, booking agency or have a band or other interest in selling the Record Butler or using it as a merchandise item?

You can order the Record Butler with custom prints with your own design, starting at 500 pieces.

Simply request the terms and available patterns using the contact form.


I am at your disposal for questions, comments & suggestions. Please use this form to contact me.